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You are about to try the finest, most delicious relish available: Relish This! After years of recipe testing, we feel we have mastered this unique flavor sensation. Our special blend of zucchini, onions, red & green peppers, vinegar & spices can transform your everyday meals into fabulously flavorful foods. Best of all, Relish This! is easy to use!

With twenty years in the food industry and a passion for specialty food products and stores; this hobby has turned into the basis of Sunshine Specialty Foods Co. Relish This! is an outstanding gourmet relish that is currently being marketed nationally and we hope that you enjoy it!

A Product of the USA!

use it on everything!

Relish This! has many uses! Use Relish This! on hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, in chicken salad, potato or egg salad, over cream cheese, brie, or in deviled eggs. It makes a great tartar sauce or pour it over a grilled steak topped with gorgonzola cheese. You can even use Relish This as a bean dip or you can grill & bake with it.

delicious recipes!

Relish This! can liven up any of your favorite recipes, or you can use one of our own! Click below to browse some of our favorite recipes to use with your Relish This! Vegetable Relish. Feel free to try your own recipes and let us know what you come up with!

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