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Wanna turn your ordinary hot dog into something special? Try this fresh, gourmet relish, and you'll be spoiled for life when it comes to ordinary supermarket brands. But, make sure your pocket book can handle it, because gourmet relish is going to cost a lot more. But, you are paying for an all-natural recipe that won't contain high fructose syrup, preservatives, or any other artificial ingredients. And, this relish will not only go great with your hot dogs, but will also compliment crackers with brie or cream cheese, salads and salad dressings, sandwiches, seafood, and more. Retails for $5.95/12 oz.

News 14 Carolina - "Woman Relishes Her Own Business"

By Ivanhoe Newswire
News 14 Carolina

Chandler, Ariz. -- Passion, a desire to succeed, and a really good recipe -- that is all it took for Judy Egge to create her own business three years ago.

Egge concocts her own relish in her home, where she also packages gift bags, plans marketing schemes and works the phones.

Her love of relish started with a rare find at a roadside stand.

"There was just some family out selling these bottled products," she said.

Soon, she started playing with vegetables and using her 20 years of sales experience to come up with a business plan of her own.

"I networked with a lot of friends, a lot of people who knew people, and a lot of women," Egge said.

Sunshine Specialty Foods was born a short time later, and "Relish This!" moved from Egge's home to supermarket shelves.

While the business has not turned a profit yet, it has received some attention. Egge was recently featured on the Food Network show "Food Finds."

Egge advises other budding entrepreneurs to "know what you want to do. Don't just guess."

She also took advice from the Small Business Administration: Know your own strengths, find a niche, do a market analysis and plan a budget.

Egge refinanced her home to get started, and she used $15,000 to set up her business.

"Every day I wonder if I'm going to make it … I pray to God a lot," she said. "I love what I do, and I love the fact that I don't have to work for anybody else."

Arizona Tribune - "E.V. entrepreneurs find niche food market"

By Michelle Swafford

Small-business owners are breaking into the specialty-food market with their products at local gift shops and AJ's Fine Foods stores. But they say it requires persistence and a lot of groundwork to let people know about their goods.

Chandler resident Judy Egge (owner, Sunshine Specialty Foods) launched Relish This! sweet and tangy and sweet and spicy relishes in October. She was a food broker and handled food promotions for major grocery chains for 20 years, but then became jobless and needed income and opportunities.

Egge had canning experience from her hobby of making jellies and preserves each year, but the jelly market was saturated. About the same time Egge needed a job, she found herself without her favorite relish, which she had been importing for 10 years through her sister who lives in Toronto. The company refused to ship to Egge so she got out the fresh vegetables and started experimenting, which led to her product line.

She created a relish that could be used in sauces, salads, sandwiches and atop hamburgers and hot dogs and tried it out on her family and friends who raved about it. Then she met up with Scottsdale chef Marc Parker of Parker Foods, and he agreed to produce her relishes in his commercial kitchen. Egge also met with managers from AJ's Fine Foods and her product is now available in all eight Valley stores.

Relish This! can also be found in a handful of resort gift shops in Scottsdale, the Arizona Highways gift shop in Scottsdale, kitchen-specialty shops, the Exclusively Arizona store in Chandler Fashion Center and Hideaway restaurant in Cave Creek. The jars sell for between $5.79 and $6.99, and gift boxes and gift bags are also available.

Now, she's talking with other restaurants about cooking with her relishes and will soon begin distribution of her product in Chicago, which is where she's from.

"I relish my product, and I want people to like it as much as me," she said.

Wrangler News - "Bored with condiments? Relish This!"

By Elan Head
Wrangler News

Judy Egge makes a mean relish. How else to put it? Egge's vegetable relishes are sweet, tangy and spicy in various pitch-perfect combinations--instant classics when paired with deviled eggs, tuna salad or even plain cream cheese.

They make an instant thousand island dressing and crab rolls worthy of any country club. And they may be the best thing for hot dogs since buns.

If Egge were your sister or your aunt, you would beg, wheedle and whine for a bottle of her homemade, old-fashioned, perfectly versatile condiment.

Since Egge is in business, though, you don't have to. Laying your hands on one is as easy as hitting the nearest AJ's Purveyors of Fine Foods.

This Kyrene Corridor resident has had her relishes on local shelves for about a year. Labeled "Relish This!," her products are made with good wholesome ingredients--zucchini, bell peppers, onions and natural flavorings--and come in three permutations.

Egge debuted her line with sweet-and-tangy and sweet-and-spicy relishes. She has since added a hot-and-spicy relish, a terrific recipe that packs habañero firepower but serious flavor, too.

Relish This! was inspired by a Mennonite product that Egge says she purchased at a roadside stand in Canada. Thanks to frequent trips up north, she kept her kitchen stocked with this bottled relish for years.

But when her source dried up, Egge was forced to innovate.

"I couldn't live without this product, so I started playing with recipes," she says.

At first, "nothing that I seemed to make had the flavor I wanted," she recalls. Finally, however, she hit upon something exactly right. She took it to friends and "they were, like, ‘Oh my God, Judy, this is delicious.'"

Meanwhile, Egge had found herself unemployed after 20 years of marketing food products to grocery stores. She wanted her own business; relish seemed like the perfect product. She took a deep breath, finagled her financing, and plunged in.

Now, a year later, "I haven't had a day off since I started the business," she says. "I demo my product almost every weekend."

That hard work seems to be paying off, though, as buzz surrounding her products continues to grow. Relish This! has been featured on the Food Network as a "Food Find," and Egge and her products have been profiled in The Arizona Republic and the Chicago Tribune.

Michael Hoobler, executive chef at the Boulders Resort in Carefree, has called Egge's relishes "outstanding."

"It is the best relish I have ever tasted," he says in a testimonial on Egge's website.

And Relish This! is even attracting notice abroad. Recently, different companies have expressed an interest in exporting Relish This! to Australia and to Canada.

"I constantly find new customers, every day," she says. "I just need to keep growing."

Expect Egge to do whatever it takes. Her enthusiasm for her product hasn't flagged.

"I called it Relish This! because I do," Egge says.

Judy, we do, too.

Five Star Reviews - "Sunshine Specialty Foods Company"

Relish as just a topping for hot dogs is a thing of the past! The Sunshine Specialty Foods Company offers a distinct set of relish that have both a sweet and spicy taste.

Relish This! Gourmet Relish is a very special recipe that has both a salsa and vegetable spread appeal. Taking a blend of zucchini, onions, red & green peppers, vinegar & spices, these relish mixes are great accompaniments for egg dishes, burgers, veggies and just about ANY food out there!

What many people don't realize is that this relish is wonderful as a cooking agent when grilling chicken or even as a steak sauce.

Choose from Sweet and Spicy, Sweet and Tangy or Hot and Spicy, depending on how daring you are! The texture is chunky and the colorful hues are beautiful to display with any gourmet foods collection.

Gift boxes and sampler packs are available.

If you want something more than your typical green, overly-pickled relish, you won't be disappointed with the healthy, varied Relish This! series. It's one of those spreads that is so good, you'll start with a dip and end up eating half the jar, with just a spoon!

The packaging is fun, as the smiling peppers and veggies of differing colors, light up the jars!

The Arizona Republic - "Hobby created item to relish"

By Emily Seftel
The Arizona Republic

When Chandler resident Judy Egge (owner, Sunshine Specialty Foods) ran out of her favorite vegetable relish, she found herself in a pickle. She called the Canadian company that made the relish to ask if it would ship her some. It wouldn't.

So she put her canning and food knowledge together to see whether she could create something similar.

"I just started playing in the kitchen with red peppers and jalapeños," she said. "It started out as a hobby."

Egge knew she'd stumbled onto something good when she took it to a friend who ate half of the jar's contents at one sitting.

Now, that hobby has turned into a business. Egge has developed two relishes under the label Relish This!: sweet and tangy and sweet and spicy. She is working on a superspicy relish.

"What's great about this relish is that it is so versatile," she said. "You can add it to salads, sauces, meat, almost anything."

Relish This! just hit the shelves of AJ's Purveyors of Fine Foods stores last week. It is also available at Southwestern specialty stores and gift stores. It retails for $5 to $8 a jar.

The Arizona Republic - "Relish quest becomes business"

By Stephanie Paterik
The Arizona Republic

Whoever said necessity is the mother of invention may not have had relish in mind.

Judy Egge did.

The Chandler woman got hooked on a unique relish recipe that used zucchini, onions and peppers instead of pickles. The problem? It was sold by a group of Mennonites at a roadside stand two hours outside of Toronto, and they refused to ship it.

"For 10 years, I'd visit my sister and we would drive two hours to get this relish," said Egge, a spunky 44-year-old mother of two. "I used it in everything."

When Egge ran out of her supply, she started tinkering in the kitchen - and Sunshine Specialty Foods was born.

Egge makes three flavors of Relish This! - sweet and tangy, sweet and spicy, and hot and spicy - in a commercial kitchen and ships it to individuals, businesses and stores. In two years, her profits are up 125 percent. She also has been featured on the Food Network's show, Food Finds.

"I couldn't live without the product, so I started looking up recipes," Egge said. "I love my product."

This month, Egge will head to the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade's Fancy Food Show in San Francisco to market the relish. It already is sold at AJ's Purveyors of Fine Foods, various gift shops and Guadalupe's farmers market. It also will be available at downtown Chandler's new farmers market, starting Saturday.

She realizes relish isn't the most popular condiment out there. But Egge's on a mission to change consumers' minds. She samples her product in grocery stores, hotels and even the airport.

Playing on the name, Egge sells gift boxes with tags that boast "a gift to relish." Companies also can give the product to clients as a way to say, "I relish your business."

Egge worked for years in the food industry, including a stint as Albertsons' private label broker. Putting that knowledge to use as her own boss is rewarding.

Yet, getting the company off the ground is taking sacrifice. She works long hours, sometimes taking phone orders late into the night. She had to pass up a family ski trip over the weekend. And although her profits are covering expenses, she is not yet paying herself.

Her family is supportive, though, and they've yet to tire of eating relish. Egge serves it with cream cheese and crackers, fish, chicken, deviled eggs, cornbread and, of course, hot dogs.

She hopes others will discover its versatility.

"I want to make people care about my product," she said, surrounded by glass jars and bubble wrap in her living room. "Why not support someone who has a passion for what they do?"

Sunshine Food Co PR - "Food Finds features Sunshine Specialty Foods "Relish This!""

The Food Networks Show Food Finds aired the show Arizona just in time to entice specialty food buyers minds for the upcoming Winter Fancy Food Show. The show aired Thursday, January 13th, early in the afternoon.

Sunshine Specialty Foods "Relish This!" products were featured. These products are a most versatile condiment. They are made in small batches using the highest quality of ingredients and Grade A vegetables. They consist of zucchini, red and green peppers & onions. Three flavors are offered, all of which are fat free, gluten free & contain no preservatives… sweet/tangy, sweet/spicy with jalapenos and the newest product, hot/spicy made with habaneros.

The company also offers gift packs, which are beautifully packaged and called "Gifts to Relish".

Look for these products at the Fancy Food Show in Booth #1287, in the focused tastings area, as well as in the What's New & Diversity Showcases.

The company's owner & President Judy Egge reports record sales increases for 2004, partly due to the popularity of the Food Network along with sales efforts marketing through the NASFT.

Currently, these products are being marketed in specialty foods stores and Kehe Foods of Romeoville, Illinois is the USA distributor and Gourmet Trading of Toronto Canada is the Canadian Distributor.

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