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Just give me some crowder peas and Sweet and Tangy Relish and I can go to Heaven!
Love your relish!
Sandy V

Hello my fellow Champion! It was a pleasure to meet and spend some time sharing and hearing your story! Your passion for sharing what you love is evident in the products you make! I was totally blown away to learn that your product is not in every kitchen or dinner table in America! I hope you take it to the Moon my friend. Please let me know if there is anything you need from me. . . or just a “refill” Cheers, Raquel Phoenix, AZ

Wow Judy, That was FAST! Thank you! I've been missing (and craving) this stuff since last Christmas! Company is coming so this will be PERFECT and well enough arrive in time! Thanks again! Sincerely, Diane D. BELFAIR, Washington

Nice to meet you as well...looking forward to our shipment and its yummy contents when we return home! Marilyn K., Chicago, IL

Just wanted to let you know that I got my order. Soooo excited! Gave some to a couple of coworkers (the same ones who received jars I brought back with me from Scottsdale Farmers Market), and one of the attorneys I work with. LOVE the 12-for-10 deal. Lee B., Los Angeles, CA


Wow! I just purchased some of your products on Tuesday. Used the relish on some snacks & the rub on some boneless skinless chicken thighs. Outstanding. I think you have a lifetime customer!!! 8-)
Jerry H.,Casa Grande, AZ

We discovered you and your products at the Tubac Art Festival. We were impressed with your enthusiasm and the cleanliness of your booth. So far we've tried three of the flavors we brought home and all are terrific! The Sweet & Hot is especially flavorful. It's fun trying these wonderful relishes on entrees, on fresh vegetables and with crackers and cream cheese as you suggested. It seems the possibilities are endless. You definitely have a new customer. Thank you!!!
Nancy & Patrick L. - Tubac, AZ

We always stock up on the relish for gifts and spares because its such a great flavor to anything you add it to.
Todd W - Glendale

I just made David a couple chicken breasts simmering them slowly in the skillet with lid totally covered with a whole jar of the Pina Colada sauce. It was so easy and was a great hit for my honey! He was in heaven.
Penny & Dave - Prescott, AZ

Arrived just in time for a great Girls Weekend of a houseboat on Lake Roosevelt. We gave away jars for prizes and consumed most over the weekend. What a hit I was....just because of you.....Thanks,
Jackie M. - Seattle, WA

Hi Judy, Love the black bean. I will definitely do some Christmas gifts.
Karron P. - Phoenix, AZ

I was in Tubac a couple weeks ago and went to one of my favorite shops - Tumacookery. I stocked up on my favorite relishes and I purchased the new one - Corn & Black Bean Relish. WOW! This is fabulous.
Christine M. - Sierra Vista, AZ

Hi Judy, It was also nice talking to you! We recieved our order. The Corn and Black Bean Relish is awesome. Thanks,
Carrie S. - Arlington, Ma

Judy, I got my shipment last week. Thanks for including the newspaper article about you. Now I can put a face with a voice. I noticed the date on the paper was 2003. That was shortly after I saw the relish on "Food Finds" and started ordering. Have a great Spring!!! Thanks again. Vicki, There's a photo of me on the recipe page of the website!
Vicki S. - Covington, Georgia

It has been some time since I assisted you with activating onstar unlocking service in Banning CA as you were on your way to a show in Pomoma. Thank you for the jar of Sweet Hot & Spicy salsa that I enjoyed Very Much I hope that your endeavers take your company far with this great product.
John W. - Banning, CA

We love your products! Best relish I've ever had!! Thank you so much.
Phyllis S. - Cheyenne, WY

I gave 2 jars of relish to my sister-in-law for Christmas, and she LOVED them! Could not stop eating the relish while I was visiting. She put it on everything. It was her favorite Christmas present!
'Lisa - Lee's Summit, MO

I am absolutely in love with the products! We have already used up 2 bottles for ourselves! Its fabulous and I cant wait to give your box sets away for Xmas to see how everyone enjoys it!
Shana M. - Glendale, AZ

Dorothy P. - Rochester, NY

Hi Judy, You're right - your corn & black bean relish is to-die-for! I really had to restrain myself from polishing off the whole jar at once. I think you need to change the serving size from 1 tbsp to 1 jar! Sincerely,
Heather - Plate It Up! Glendale, AZ

Hi Judy, Well, Christmas came a little early today. Around noon the doorbell rang, I quickly got up to go see who it was. And much too my surprise, It was SANTA CLAUSE disguised as a FEDEX Man making a delivery during a raging snow storm. I thanked him kindly as he trotted back to his sleigh (delivery van). It was just like being in a Norman Rockwell painting. All the jars made it safely. For supper my wife could not resist opening the the corn & black bean first ( OH,IT'S SO GOOD) I'm guessing I'll be getting more in the future, seeing how my wife decided to make it the vegetable side dish to go along with some Rueben's she made for supper. Thanks again for the great products! HAPPY HOLIDAYS
Dennis & Sharon M. - reedsburg, wi

Thanks Judy! Looking forward to my order....been through 5 jars since October.....love your relish!!!
Pam S. - Sun Lakes, AZ

I brought 3 jars of the relish with me while visting my family and my mother just loved them. Hence, the gift order for my mother and my father, too - for Christmas. Your product is the BEST!!!!!!!
Christine M. - Sierra Vista, AZ

I have never tasted anything so delicious. I just had some more of the corn relish. Can't wait to write about them & I will be a regular customer. For sure :)
Liz - WickedlyChic.com

Yummmm! Love my relish! Thank you!
Annalisa H. - Lee's Summit, Missouri

Mom loves the relish. She said it was worth the wait! We'll check your website again for locations in our area that sell it. Thanks again, Judy for your patience and your help! Thanks again for such great customer service!
Barbara V. - OH

I am a return customer and bought your corn & black bean relish at the Long Beach Festival and am all out..(actually was the 1st day).... where can I purchase more ????
Debbie B. - Southern CA

from an email... Have you tried our new sweet corn relish yet? Are you kidding me!! This product is absolutely awesome! I had my Brother, Aunt, Brother in Law for dinner and it lasted one meal!! It is a winner my dear! We all loved it!!
Cheri P. - Boise, ID

This is the very best relish I have tried have taken it to Ely, NV and San Angelo, TX.... where it was equally enjoyed.
Diane B. - Chino Valley, AZ

Judy: The corn relish is outstanding!
Jackie T. (Omaha Steaks) - Omaha, NE

This relish is amazing! Thanks!!!
Richard C. - Massapequa, NY

The Relish arrived, thank you. I just adore it.
Suzanne B. - Little Rock, AR

Good to do business with you again! From my Christmas gifts to others, here are some repeat orders. Thanks very much, and I hope your business is just THRIVING! Your products deserve it! Another large order will be sent for the holidays. here
Joan H. - Minneapolis, MN

Thanks so much! Best stuff ever! My daughter was here from CA & I had to fight her from taking 1/2 the case with her to San Diego. She only got 3 jars. Thanks again.
Bill H. - Glendale, AZ

I feel your Sweet & Spicy "Relish This" is the finest relish I have ever tasted. I use it in almost everything I make and it adds character to any dish. Even alone, I put it on crackers and "wow"!!! Lovin it!!! AND - all healthy ingredients. Thx
Deb J. - location unknown

I really appreciate your follow-up confirmation. You are a good business woman. Keep cooking that relish, it is great!
Janet G. - Anchorage, AK

I sampled the Sweet and Spicy relish at a small shop in the Phoenix airport, bought one jar and loved it. I spread it on toast or an English muffin topped with cottage cheese for a tasty breakfast. I look forward to sampling the others as well. Thanks.
David O. - Bloomington, MN

I have received my packages and am again very pleased. I want to thank you for taking the time to email me back on the free packs. I know you must be swamped with holiday orders, but the personal attention you showed to me makes your company stand out as one that is extra special. I will definitely continue as a loyal customer and will encourage others as well. Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you and yours!
Jackie H. - Texas

Judy, You rock! Thanks for everything. Best, David David A. Fuscus CEO/President Xenophon Strategies, Inc.
David - Washington, DC

Hi Judy! I got your e-mail! Good to hear that Sunshine Relish is still there!! I would be devastated if you ever went out of business!! I promise to do my best to promote your relish to others. I have already made addicts of my parents, my uncle, a friend at work, and my daughter. I will be ordering another case soon! Take care, and wishing you and yours a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!!
Debbi P. - San Jose, CA

Hello Judy, I had ordered your relish for my husband last Christmas, after having purchased two jars during a short stop-over in Phoenix airport in September. I have it on my list again for this year, and couldn't remember anything about it except that I thought it was called Sunset. I have scouring the internet trying to find it, but obviously came up with nothing. It was driving me a little crazy, and I was on a mission to find it. This has been going on for weeks now. Well, I couldn't believe that your post card arrived in the mail yesterday. I was so happy that he never saw it. I immediately order three jars.
Sue C. - East Lyme, Connecticut

Judy...this is the first I have received.....Can't wait to leave for Tucson this coming Sunday.....will stock up on your relish at AJ's.......We still love it!
Susan S. - IL

This is the first email I received. My dad is going crazy over the relish I gave him for Father's Day. I will be ordering more for Christmas!
Bruce B. -

Got your e-mail. As a matter of fact just had some of your amazing relish last night. Thank you for the holiday reminder. I am always in need of gift ideas.
Kari P. -

I appreciate being kept informed your products or promotions. I will Ordering again soon. My wife and I just love your products.
Dennis S. - Reedsburg, WI

Marcia B. -

just to let you know i am getting your emails and love them and your relish is absolutely the best. I buy it at my grocery store (Biggs).
Elaine R. - Ohio

you sounded GREAT! hope it helps move that absolutely delicious relish.
DEBORRAH BÉDARD, producer KXAM Radio 1310 AM - Scottsdale, AZ

Your picture looks great in that article. I will never forget that smile of yours! Its a trademark smile, too bad you can't bottle and sell that too!
Carrie P. - Chicago, IL

FABULOUS!!!!! That’s the word on Relish this…the RED label. I’m taking some to my friend’s home tonight to spread the word.
Annie R. - Phoenix, AZ

Must tell you that for years my family has used (homemade) pear relish as a garnish for peas of the black-eyed or crowder variety. Now that we have found Relish This, we have a permanent substitute for the pear relish. Thanks!
Grace O. -

Judy, We’re finally back from our trip! I just wanted to say thank you for getting the relishes to us. Everything went without a hitch. They arrived on Friday as planned. My friend was so excited to receive them and enjoyed them even more after she heard the whole story behind her getting them. She remembered meeting you at the Southern Season tasting and we are all appreciative of everything you went thru to get them to us. She opened up the first jar that evening and we went thru the majority of it. She even made her husband drive down from the mountain to buy cream cheese. We tried it several different ways and that still seems to be everyone’s favorite. I talked with her yesterday before we got home (they only met up with us for the first leg of the trip). She has sampled all of them and the Sweet N Spicy is still her favorite one. She said she had to hide the jars from her family. Her sister came to visit her and she offered some to her. By the end of the evening, her sister had polished off the jar and was using her finger to wipe the remnants from the inside rim of the jar!!! We will be in contact closer to the holidays to place an order for both of us. We decided that we will purchase them and use them as stocking stuffers for our friends and family. Thanks again for everything!!!!!!
Kathleen O. - norfolk, va

Good day. Just got around to opening the boxes of the new mini gift packs, which came in in one piece. They look absolutely gorgeous. THANK YOU THANK YOU
Jo Anna - Las Vegas, NV

I live in Lake Havasu City and met the owner of Relish This in San Diego. I love it on everything and never will buy that green relish in the market.
Lucy L. - Lake Havasu City, AZ

Hi & thanks for the great email,,,,the relish is available at your local Whole Foods stores.
Judy E. Response from questioin -

We received a jar of your "Relish This" - Sweet & Spice Vegetable Relish and LOVE IT! Canyou tell me where we could buy this locally? We live in Los Angeles County
S. McMurray - Los Angeles, CA

We are having a family gathering next weekend at our cabin and we don't gather unless we have your relish with us. Everyone just loves it! Thanks again!
Pamela B. - Trinidad, CO

We have good friends in Scottsdale and they sent us some of your relishes. We love them!! By coincidence we had seen you and your products on Food TV. I intend to take your empty bottle (clean of course, HA!) to our favorite King Soopers which has not been opened very long. This store has become their "upscale" store since we all live in a very nice area. King Soopers is a very large chain. Hope I can help you. I love entreprenurs!!
Judy B. - CO

Your products are much too wonderful to not let the whole world enjoy them. I'll ask around to see if someone would be willing to stock them.
Shirley C. - MI

Your relish is excellent.
Robert B. - Casa Grande AZ

discovered the relish by accident at Biggs market... it is absolutely the best i have ever tried and i try a lot. wish Krogers carried it but it is worth going out of my way for.
Elaine R. - OH

So glad to be able to order your delicious relish on line. We recently moved here from Scottsdale where we could buy "Relish This" at A.J.'s. Thought I'd never see it again. We brought a dozen jars with us but now need more.
Carolyn S. - Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Judy!!! Success was had today! I just got the jar and it's in perfect shape. Thank you for making this right, your the kind of business we want to do business with. Have a great day and thank you again! Jeff
Jeff M. - Ridgecrest, CA

Hi Judy, I just got home and we have been enjoying the hot and spicy relish we got from you at Gentle Strength. You will probably remember my son Troy. He is a Vegan and the 2 of you chatted about that. He commented on the way home about how nice it was to buy something from the person who made it. Good luck with your business. If you ever need some encouragement, don't be afriad of contacting me. I have been there (started from scratch) and wish you the best of success.
Tom B. - Mesa, AZ

The relish is fantastic. I got about 6 of each and passed it out to my friends, and everyone LOVES it. Need some more, quickly, badly, yum yum. "I relish this relish, it is wonderful".
Sally M. - Phoenix, AZ

On Saturday I purchased a jar of your "Sweet & Spicy" relish, its now Monday and the jar is just about empty! We used it on Hamburg's on Saturday and Sub sandwiches on Sunday. Congratulations on the wonderful job you have done developing your product.
Susan M. - Phoenix, AZ

As a guest at the Boa Ball last weekend - Phoenix Planned Parenthood fundraiser for 2003 - I received your gift package as the table favor and must tell you how much your excellent, low calorie, no fat snack or recipe relish is appreciated...I've just called PPNCA executive, Beth Meyer-Lohse to ask where it is available today - learned that it's at AJ's retail shop and I'm off to get some for me and to bring to tomorrow's Easter barbecue as a gift... Thanks for this nifty product. Wishing you all the best.
Ellin D. - Phoenix, AZ

We did indeed receive the boxes of relish. Of course we had to try it at home and loved it as much as we did when we tasted it at the Oasis Show in Phoenix. We will try it in the store next week. We do wish you much luck in your venture with "Relish This." You have a fine product and it is presented nicely.
Mary J. - Minnessota

Oh my goodness Judy!! We had hotdogs tonight and let me tell you, my husband was FLOORED with the flavour of the relish.. it arrived today and what a wonderful surprise for Rob.. he loves it! Thank you soooo very much...I will be back!
Maureen R. - Prince Edward Island, Canada

I had a dinner party recently and served your relishes as appetizers...you should have heard the compliments! Not only did each person like them, but each one had their favorite! "I like the Sweet and Tangy", "No, I like the Sweet and Spicey one, myself", and so on. Needless to say, they were both a hit! Congratulations, my friend! You've done it!
Barbe P. - Las Vegas, NV

I ate some yucky green pickle relish in the little plastic packets on a hotdog at a women's softball game over the weekend. It was disgusting. Once you've eaten Relish This! relish, nothing can compare.
Anne R. - California

It is AWESOME. I really like both of them. Last night we had guests and we used it with cheese and crackers; it was a big hit. I think you should also do sweet pickles. You have a talent for sure.
Donna W. - New Hampshire

Dear Judy, I have tried your new relish as a dip on crackers at a party we had recently and it was a hit! The "Sweet and Spicy" was gone in a few minutes. When I put it out at the party I thought it was meant to be consumed as a relish, little did I realize that our guests decided to use as a dip. It was extremely popular. The next day I was making tuna salad for lunch and I added a large tablespoon of your "Sweet and Tangy" to the tuna salad. Tuna salad will never be the same -it was great!
Jack M. - Glenview, IL

We love your relish! Our favorite is mixing it with a can of tuna and eating it on a bed of of lettuce or stuffing it in a bagel. Makes the salad or sandwich LOW CAL.
Louise P. - Phoenix, AZ

Your relish is delicious, goes great on vege burgers!
Phyllis H. - Chowchilla, CA

We like your relishes, and have used them often for tuna/salmon salad and as condiments for lamb and burgers.
Su & Don - Chicago, IL

After trying Judys relishes, I sent the gift boxes as Christmas presents to some of my friends and relatives along with a copy of some of Judys receipes. I received wonderfull feedback. Some saying it was a wonderfull gift, they really enjoyed it. Some saying thanks for bring a new product into their homes. All really liked it. Will send it again to other friends and relatives without hesitation. It has been proven a success.
Kathy V. - Tempe, AZ

It is fabulous with vegetables, my favorite is, of course, dried beans, but black-eyed peas as well, or just on the side!
Georgia H. - Birmingham, AL

A taste of country in the summertime! A product truly made with heart and soul. I love it, especially on chips!
Amy C. - Scottsdale, AZ

I have really enjoyed this product. It has just the right combination of tart and sweetness and goes wonderfully with any meat from hot dogs to steak. It is also extremely good in deviled eggs and in tuna and chicken salad. It adds a nice twist when mixed with whole kernel corn as a side dish as well. I will not be using the branded type relish in the future. Not as long as I can get product as great as Relish This!
Cheri P. - Boise, Idaho

Judy, I just tried your sweet and tangy relish for the first time and I loved it. Even though I am not a big relish eater, I do like to mix it into different recipes once in a while. I made myself a tuna melt the other day and your relish gave it a unique flavor that normal relish would not have. Your web site is awesome too. I will definitely try one of the recipes you have listed. If I come up with any other ideas, I will let you know what they are.
Connie K. - Illinois

Your relish is absolutely addictive! I tried it on whole wheat crackers with cream cheese. Before I knew it, I had eaten a whole jar. I can't wait to try the recipes!
Gail D. - Phoenix, AZ

It will make Hot Dogs taste like grown up food!
Sara M. - Scottsdale, AZ

Thought I would tell you what happened on Friday. I came home from work and found your package on the kitchen table. I opened it up to see what the packaging looked like. Great choice on the label design. My intention was to put the jars aside and wait until later to try some with Judy (my wife). I thought what the heck, I'll try one now to see if I like it. Then I thought maybe I would try both and "recommend" to Judy the one she should try. Before I knew it, the jar of Sweet and Tangy was completely empty, including the hard to reach upper corners. The jar of Sweet and Spicy was about 75% finished when Judy walked in and asked to try some. I reluctantly let her have some and was forced to share as we both finished off the jar. Understand, this whole process was about 15 minutes, or less. I am sure glad I ordered an extra jar of each. My hope is, I can hold off opening a jar until no when else is around.
Gordon K. Skokie - Illinois

3 little words..."I love it"
Jeanne L. - Scottsdale, AZ

I think your relish is outstanding! It is the best relish I have ever tasted. You can tell that there is a lot of time, care and top quality products that go into Relish This products.
Michael Hoobler - Carefree, AZ

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