The Arizona Republic - "Hobby created item to relish"

By Emily Seftel
The Arizona Republic

When Chandler resident Judy Egge (owner, Sunshine Specialty Foods) ran out of her favorite vegetable relish, she found herself in a pickle. She called the Canadian company that made the relish to ask if it would ship her some. It wouldn't.

So she put her canning and food knowledge together to see whether she could create something similar.

"I just started playing in the kitchen with red peppers and jalapeños," she said. "It started out as a hobby."

Egge knew she'd stumbled onto something good when she took it to a friend who ate half of the jar's contents at one sitting.

Now, that hobby has turned into a business. Egge has developed two relishes under the label Relish This!: sweet and tangy and sweet and spicy. She is working on a superspicy relish.

"What's great about this relish is that it is so versatile," she said. "You can add it to salads, sauces, meat, almost anything."

Relish This! just hit the shelves of AJ's Purveyors of Fine Foods stores last week. It is also available at Southwestern specialty stores and gift stores. It retails for $5 to $8 a jar.