Five Star Reviews - "Sunshine Specialty Foods Company"

Relish as just a topping for hot dogs is a thing of the past! The Sunshine Specialty Foods Company offers a distinct set of relish that have both a sweet and spicy taste.

Relish This! Gourmet Relish is a very special recipe that has both a salsa and vegetable spread appeal. Taking a blend of zucchini, onions, red & green peppers, vinegar & spices, these relish mixes are great accompaniments for egg dishes, burgers, veggies and just about ANY food out there!

What many people don't realize is that this relish is wonderful as a cooking agent when grilling chicken or even as a steak sauce.

Choose from Sweet and Spicy, Sweet and Tangy or Hot and Spicy, depending on how daring you are! The texture is chunky and the colorful hues are beautiful to display with any gourmet foods collection.

Gift boxes and sampler packs are available.

If you want something more than your typical green, overly-pickled relish, you won't be disappointed with the healthy, varied Relish This! series. It's one of those spreads that is so good, you'll start with a dip and end up eating half the jar, with just a spoon!

The packaging is fun, as the smiling peppers and veggies of differing colors, light up the jars!