News 14 Carolina - "Woman Relishes Her Own Business"

By Ivanhoe Newswire
News 14 Carolina

Chandler, Ariz. -- Passion, a desire to succeed, and a really good recipe -- that is all it took for Judy Egge to create her own business three years ago.

Egge concocts her own relish in her home, where she also packages gift bags, plans marketing schemes and works the phones.

Her love of relish started with a rare find at a roadside stand.

"There was just some family out selling these bottled products," she said.

Soon, she started playing with vegetables and using her 20 years of sales experience to come up with a business plan of her own.

"I networked with a lot of friends, a lot of people who knew people, and a lot of women," Egge said.

Sunshine Specialty Foods was born a short time later, and "Relish This!" moved from Egge's home to supermarket shelves.

While the business has not turned a profit yet, it has received some attention. Egge was recently featured on the Food Network show "Food Finds."

Egge advises other budding entrepreneurs to "know what you want to do. Don't just guess."

She also took advice from the Small Business Administration: Know your own strengths, find a niche, do a market analysis and plan a budget.

Egge refinanced her home to get started, and she used $15,000 to set up her business.

"Every day I wonder if I'm going to make it … I pray to God a lot," she said. "I love what I do, and I love the fact that I don't have to work for anybody else."